birdsSpring? Really?

This week has been gorgeous! ––the weather, the birds and their spring songs, the flowers (and, unfortunately, their pollen!). snowglories1I think, I hope, that spring is really here. I got my hopes up when one of my favorite flowers burst into view a few weeks ago, the Early Snow Glory. I love this purple/blue star with its snow center and lively slender yellow stamens. This year, they’ve migrated all over my yard. Beautiful.  The hyacinths, grape hyacinths, and daffodils have all blossomed, with lilac and pink hyacinths just now drooping their flowers.    But now the Bleeding Hearts are taking over.DSCN1800

The birds are wonderful to see, too. The Gold Finches have transformed from winter olive-drab to brilliant yellow.DSCN1742 The house finch couple, the male looking as if he had been “dipped in strawberry syrup” (Peterson’s), are showing up far more often. A more romantic pair are the cardinals; the scarlet male tenderly (really) feeding his olive Mrs.––or Ms. DSCN1727

The Red-Winged Blackbird whistles his presence then bares the startling orange and yellow of his epaulets. Best of all is our pair of male

Rosebreasted Grosbeaks. Their black hood, the flash and flicker of black and white patterns on their fluttering tails and wings, and the liquid pink on their chests are a visual delight.DSCN1718

Maybe last year’s Baltimore Oriole will return?  I think I’ve heard his song, sometimes, in the trees behind my house.


Oh yes, the humans aren’t the only ones in our house who enjoy bird watching.


7 thoughts on “birdsSpring? Really?

  1. Ok…. This is the second Spring for as far back as I can remember…that I wanted to be outdoors. Allergies are not as bad. I have a deep appreciation for the calm after a long winter’s storm that lasted for months! The air is cleaner and smells sweet. I am not depressed. I am thankful for the world about me and the people in it! I miss school…which usually happens in September every year. I am so thankful to be alive and to be aware of the teeming life in nature. I’ve watched a young pair of cardinals dart about knowing that when everything is grown
    there’ll be a beautiful red bird flying by every once in a while….so beautiful against the geen!
    With that said in a matter of minutes…. I see I could perhaps take the time to compose and give Spring the tribute it deserves….but the rewrites could take me well into August.
    I like this page!


    1. Oh yes! Although sometimes I think they prefer we get lost, so as not to alarm their prey. they’ve never taken down a bird, although Rosalind did once attack a hawk when it landed on a feeder near Yang. The hawk flew away. Rosie is the black, long-haired cat in the background.


    1. Sue,
      Yes, I’ve been seeing them for years- and Yang has, too. So, I’m not just imagining them. I used to see them when I had a house in Connecticut, as well as here. They like to have some woods around them, so that’s probably why you haven’t seen many in Worcester. they are gorgeous.


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