HomepageheadGreetings,folks!  A passion for  the sharp wit, humor, and dark suspense of classic-era film and written mystery inspired my Jessica Minton Mystery series:  Bait and Switch (2015) and Letter from a Dead Man (forthcoming 2017). The novels feature a sharp, witty, imaginative female lead who’s ripe for a little romance, even if it’s mixed with espionage, deception, or murder.  In Bait and Switch, Jessica faces off against deadly Naziz fifth columnists in 1943 New York, with the help, as well as hinderence, of her sharp-tongued sister Liz, an acerbic brother-in-law, her seemingly steady boyfriend, her wise-guy cat, and a mysterious stranger from England.  Letter from a Dead Man brings back Jessica, Liz, and Dusty,  this time caught up in hidden identities, stolen jade, a femme fatale with deadly underworld connections, and murder.

Click here for a sneak peek at Bait and Switch! front cover


Bait and Switch was a finalist in the Mystery Category of the 10th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards.

A sneak peek at Letter from a Dead Man is in the works!  Stay tuned!

The electronic book and the paperback can both be ordered direct from Touchpoint Press or Barnes and Noble.com or  Amazon.  Independent bookstores and shops that carry Bait and Switch include:

Annie’s Bookstop (65 James Street, Worcester, MA), Booklovers’ Gourmet (55 East Main Street, Webster, MA), Mystery on Main Street (119 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT),  Barrington Books (184 County Road, Barrington, RI), and Mrs. Bridges Pantry (292 Route 169, South Woodstock, CT).

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