New Hampshire

. The White Heron Tea Room – We stopped at this casual and friendly tea/coffee/ comestible emporium in Portsmouth on our way up to Maine.  It was the perfect spot to take five (or 35) for lunch on our peregrination. There’s an extensive list of teas black, red, green, white, and herbal.  I chose a Darjeeling brew and was not disappointed.  This tea was a mild and mellow drink served in a ceramic mug, fitting the casual atmosphere.  You could have your tea in a paper cup but, let’s face it, tea requires ceramic – or better yer, china- to taste its best.  We had scrumptious sandwiches, mine being a combination of avocado, cheese, and various veggies in a wrap.  Yang enjoyed his spicy New Orleans chicken sandwich.  Various forms of coffee and hot chocolate are also available, as well as cold drinks.  With a tasty menu, White Heron is a pleasant place to grab breakfast, lunch, or a cuppa and desert.  There’s even a store for vinyl records within the restaurant.  Click here for the menu and other information.  Open until 6:00p.m.  Monday through Friday, you could even have a nice bite for supper.
My Cuppa


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