To Buy Letter from a Dead Man



You can buy Letter from a Dead Man on line at all of the following sites. Just click and order:


Barnes and

Kobo Books

Google Play

Independent Bookstores taking on line orders

Annie’s Bookstop

Booklovers’ Gourmet

TidePool Bookshop

Freethinker’s Corner Bookstore

You can also save on postage and support local, independent businesses at the same time by buying Letter from a Dead Man at the following locales:


Annie’s Bookstop, 65 James Street, Worcester, MA

The Booklovers’ Gourmet, 72 East Main Street, Webster, MA

Root and Press, 623 Chandler Street, Worcester, MA

Freethinker’s Corner Bookstore,  652 Central St., Dover,  NH

I will be adding more locations as I make connections with other shops. If you want to suggest any venues, please feel free to do so in the comments section of this page. Since Touchpoint Press books are distributed by Ingrams, your local book store can probably order Dusty reduced1Bait and Switch if the store does not yet carry it. Dusty would want you to.





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Last revised 6/05/21

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