Danger: UXB

Danger uxb1Danger: UXB 

The UXB stands for unexploded bombs. Opening with a black-and-white documentary montage of the bombs’ journey from German forge to British soil, complemented by a background theme that intertwines hints of the ominous and the soaring, this show has you on the edge of your seat. You can thank solid development of characters you care about, brilliant pacing, fine acting, and insightful probing of the psychological toll of the blitz on civilians and UXB squads. Anthony Andrews is coming into his prime as Lt. Brian Ashe, a character developing hard-won expertise in his dangerous field, losing parts of his soul through the loss of comrades. Even so, he struggles for some happiness with Judy Geeson’s Susan: a smart, compassionate woman but troubled by an unhappy marriage, her responsibilities to defense research, and the dangers to Brian. With the show’s deft pacing and strong character development, no matter how many episodes you watch, when and if that bomb goes off, you WILL jump. Available on dvd.

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