. Coffee, Tea, and Thee This homey and friendly tea room is in a lovely Victorian home in downtown York, on a street right off the main drag.  The décor is Victorian without being fuffy (yes, I know that’s a made-up word but you know what I mean).  The choice of teas isn’t large but it’s solid.  Yang enjoyed his Earl Grey and I found my black tea choice robust but not bitter, not needing any milk or sugar.  I’m happy to say that the sandwiches are tasty.  My chicken had all white meat and none of that occasional piece of gristle that can spoil the show. Yang enjoyed his tuna fish sandwich, as well, and found his split-pea and ham soup hearty and yummy.  There were also sandwiches that were made with banana bread and cream cheese.  Maybe I’ll try that on my next visit!  The scones are not big, but they are tasty and served with jam and cream.  I might suggest a scone and banana bread for dessert.  And the prices are not at all expensive.  The woman who runs the tea room is friendly but not officious, and she has an interesting knowledge of the town.  York harks back to colonial times and has a wonderful range of architecture.  It’s the perfect place for a stroll after lunch. If you would like a light lunch with a nice tea (or coffee), this is a pleasant stop to make.

My Cuppa

Last revised 6/30/17

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