Vermont Tea Rooms



Twilight Tea Lounge – 41 Main Street, Brattleboro. Another one of my favorite tea emporiums! The decor is casual, relaxed, earthy-crunchy, with comfy furniture, tiled tables, and games and books. There is an extensive tea list. My absolute favorite is called, I believe, African Breakfast. I’ll write it down the next time I go! This tea is so warm, so refreshing, but with the strong tea kick that I love. They also serve all kinds of goodies: scones, brownies, cupcakes, tea cake – all delicious. My husband and I especially enjoy the maple scones. Treats include gluten-free and vegan selections. I always love to chat with the woman behind the tea bar because she’s friendly, funny, and welcoming. The view of the river and mountains behind the building from the windows is marvelous! Sadly, Twilight Tea closed September 2015.


Dobra Tearoom – 80 Church St., Burlington. I love this tea room. It has a great MidEastern decor, an extensive selection of fine teas, and interesting and tasty food (menu). It’s a great place to re-energize or relax and talk about all kinds of creative things while you feast on tea and comestibles. The perfect place in this college town.


My Cuppa

last updated 5/20/16

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