Connecticut Tea Rooms


Connecticut Tea Rooms


Open Door Tea – 3552 Main St., Stratford. For my birthday, Yang made me a card with the photos and vital statistics of five new tea rooms on the inside.  The first one we tried out was Open Door Tea.  What a great choice!  When you walk inside, you see a delightfully decorated room with antique what-not tables and comfortable chairs for seating.  Lovely, old-fahsioned china cups and saucers await you on those tables.   Yang could even find a cup with a handle he could fit his finger through, a hazard for all men in tea rooms.  You order at the counter and they will bring you your yummy comestibles and tea.  You can get sandwiches, soups, quiches, and salads, as well as all kinds of absolutely yummy desserts!  They have a healthy selections of tea, which they will describe for you if you’re having trouble deciding.  I went for a chestnut-flavored black tea, which was divine.  Yang was quite happy with his Green Sencha tea. The sandwiches were tasty.  Yang had a kielbasa and sauerkraut sandwich that he said was as filling as a Rueban.  I had the avocado on toast, which was tasty.  I still had room for a scone, so I had the cranberry/orange.  Such a treat!  None of the grittiness that you sometimes find in restaurant scones.  It was served warm, with a side of butter.  After one of the gals there heard it was my birthday, she brought me a chocolate truffle, which went quite nicely with my chestnut tea!  The tea is served in a French press, so it takes a second infusion deliciously.  So, don’t be afraid to ask for more hot water!  I highly recommend this tea room for the food, decor, and warm folks working there.

 Tea with Tracey – 16 Bank Street, Seymour. A light, bright, Victorian ambiance, with an extensive tea menu – and the teas are for sale. The sandwiches are light and tasty, while there are also soups and salads on the menu. The Afternoon Tea suits me just fine, with the savories not outnumbered by the sweets. Some vegetarian menu items are available. The people are friendly and fun to chat with. It’s a nice place, either for replenishing your strength after hitting all the antique stores in the quaint town or for preparing to embark on an antiquing foray.


Mrs. Bridges Pantry – 292 Rt. 169, South Woodstock. Sadly, Mrs. Bridges closed early this winter.  I love it so much, I can’t bear to take down the description, though. This has to be one of my favorite tea rooms. I’ve been coming here for over twenty years! The people are so affable and fun to visit with that you become friends fast! The tea selection is extensive, and you can buy most of them in loose-leaf form to take home. The prices are reasonable, too! My favorites are Prince of Wales, Buckingham Palace Garden Party, Monk’s Blend, Russian Caravan, Irish Cream, Vanilla Cream, and Queen Elizabeth, to name a few. You can also get Yorkshire Gold here. The food is yummy: nice sandwiches, salads, soups, pasties, etc for a meal – with excellent scones for dessert. They have other desserts, as well, but I’m so addicted to their scones, I’ve never had any other sweets here. I’ll extrapolate that the other desserts must be yummy since all the other food is. The ambience is like a little country inn, with a lovely gift shop. And everything is reasonably priced. When a herd of my friends and I go there, we can close down the place. And my husband loves it, too!  Best of all, you can even purchase a copy of my novel Bait and Switch there!  A good mystery is always a neat companion to tea and scones.

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last updated 1/31/2022

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