3. Teaching and Learning Resources



Sharon R. Yang, Ph.D.
WSU English Department

This page has links to web sites and documents that will aid you as a teacher or as a student. The links lead to various sites for teaching resources, as well as to writing resources as well. The Purdue and Capitol Community College links (OWLs) have great material on documentation and mechanics. I have also included some documents on writing problems that you can access by placing your cursor over Teaching and Learning Resources in the Main Menu on the banner.

greenball Educator’s Reference Desk

greenball Chad Osborne’s Education Resources Site

greenball Women in World History Curriculum

greenball Avoiding Classroom Management Problems

greenball Actors’ Shakespeare Project (Education)

greenball American Shakespeare Center (Education)

greenball Folger Shakespeare Institute Teaching Resources

greenball The Once and Future Classroom: Resources for Teaching the Middle Age in Grades K-12

greenball Purdue University OWL

Common Grammar Problems
Confusing Words

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