Wish Me Luck

This program is three seasons of gripping exploits by members of the S.O.EWish me luck3. (Special Operations Executive) working with the French Resistance during the Nazi Occupation. The first season traces the recruitment, training, and deployment of operatives in France, well implemented with solid character development, humor, and deft pacing. Over all three seasons there are some neat, unexpected plot twists and character revelations, and the program is not afraid to break your heart by killing off characters you care about, at any point in the series. The battle of wits to evade Nazi occupiers; the Nazis’ attempts to infiltrate the movement; the tightly planned and executed sabotage strikes; and the bold, desperate escapes from German attacks will keep you on the jump. Interesting cast members include Jane Asher, Julian Glover, Kate Buffery, Jeremy Northam, Shirley Henderson, and Trevor Peacock (“No, no, no, no . . . yes!). Available on dvd and on Netflix.

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