Book club Discussion Questions

You might find these discussion questions fun when you choose Letter from a Dead Man for your bookclub.  If you have any suggestions for questions. let me know and I’ll see about including them!



1.  What do you think about the relationship between the sisters, Jessica and Liz? With which sister do you most identify?  Which sister do you see as the leader or do you see one as filling that role.

2.  This book is influenced by various films noirs. Did you notice any homages or riffs on specific films?  Which ones?  How did the author adapt them?  Why the variations?

3.  The author has spoken about how she casts her characters as actors from films of the classic era. Do any of the characters remind you of specific actors and actresses from the past?  Which ones?  How might you cast the characters with modern actors?


4.  The author has done much research on the time period and the contemporary landscape in which her novel takes place. What descriptions of place or customs and experiences from the time period were new or interesting to you?  Is there anything more you wish the author had done in this area?

5.  What about the sisters’ love lives?  Did they play out as you expected or as you wanted?  Were you satisfied with the final results?

6.  What do you think about Dusty’s role in the book?  Does she display true cattliness?  Do we need to see more or less of her?  Here’s the actual cat on whom she was based!



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