Sharon Yang: Interviews and Stories


Check out the links below for interviews with me or stories on my fiction writing or my pop culture and literary writings.

greenball  A Book and a Chat, with Barry Eva. Click here  to listen to a fun radio interview I did with Barry Eva.  You’ll get the skinny on why I write about the 1940s, the real Dusty, my first masterpiece, and some hints about the next novel, Shadows of a Dark Past.

greenball  Bookshelf Cafe Interview. Click here  to find out about how I started writing, what my inspirations are(especially for Dark Horse), what are my writing quirks, my advice for writers and other neat info.

greenball  “Read It and Reap: Area Bookstores, Library Offering Full Slate of Talks, Workshops in May.”  Click here  to read a brief blurb about my author event at TidePool Books in Worcester.

greenball  Technology Revolution.  The Future of Now: ” The Future of Writers’ Historical Research and Technology: Reading The Past.” Click here  to enjoy Bonny D. Graham’s pod cast on LinkedIn and here for FaceBook.  I join Sarah Smith, Ursula Wong, and Brad Borkan to share our thoughts on what new possibilities for doing historical research  technology will open up for writers.

greenball  Tea-Time Readings. Click here for a recording of Sarah Smith’s interview with me.  I read from Always Play the Dark Horse, my latest, and  answer questions on the latest Jessica Minton Mystery, Always Play the Dark Horse; my style of writing; influences on my writing; and some of the inspirations for my characters. See yet another cool Yang hat!

greenball  Ingalls Memorial Library, Rindge NH. Click here for a recording of the presentation I did at the library Get the skinny on my latest novel, Always Play the Dark Horse, as well as the influences that shaped the writing of all my novels. See one of my many neat hats!

greenball  “M(ay) is for Mystery .” Click here for a recording of the interview Chris Upton from Freethinker’s Corner Bookstore did with me on my writing and teaching experiences. Get the skinny on my latest novel, Always Play the Dark Horse.

greenball  “Mystery Making Zoom.” Click here to see a recording of my participation in this Sisters in Crime Panel with Frances Maxwell, Jolene Grace, and S.L. Manning.

greenball  The Modern Heroine”  Click here to see a recording of my participation in this Sisters in Crime Panel with Arlene Kay, Sharon Daynard, and Jeanette DeBeauvoir.

greenball  “From Paper to the Big Screen:  Author Sharon Healy Yang Talks about Horror Adaptations”  Click here to read  my blog at TouchPoint Press about what makes three of my favorite horror novels from the early 20th century so special , as well as how they fared in adaptation to the screen. 

greenball Noir at the Bar online  Click here for readings by mystery authors, including yours truly, on this online program. My reading from Letter from a Dead Man is second to last, but the other readers have some great passages to share as well.

greenball  Here’s a guest blog I did for Sisters in Crime New England.  “Giving Something Back to Independent Bookstores.”

greenball Books interview with me on my writing.

greenball ” How We’re Surviving” Lisa J. Lieberman  Mystery writer and Vice President of Sisters in Crime New England Lisa Lieberman goes to several of her sistahs and mistahs to find out how we keep our creative juices flowing and a workable amount of sanity intact.  Guess who is one of the interviewees? 4/8/2020.

greenball ” Into the Sunset:  An Interview with Author Sharon Yang”   Here’s an interview done by one of my former students for The Worcester Spy. I’ve made almost as many appearances there as the Supremes did on Ed Sullivan.  Anyway, the author has me discuss not only my development as a writer but my feelings about retiring from teaching as well as my plans for the future, 6/7/19.

greenball Interview with Author Sharon Yang”   Here’s an interview that my publisher did with me about my novels.  There are some nifty questions in here that give you some fun (and maybe unexpected) insights into my writing 1/1/19.

greenball “Mysterious Ways”  A story on my participation with Gina Fava and Sheila Connolly in the Sisters in Crime Panel “Writing What You Know” at the Waltham Public Library 11/10/18.

greenball “Author’s Challenges:  Dr. Sharon Yang Talks about Her Experience to Students  An interview with me on my writing and teaching in the New Worcester Spy from 4/18/18.

greenball “Be My Guest with Jan Lewis  Check out Jan Lewis interviewing me on Public Access about  Letter from a Dead Man, my experiences as a writer, and where I get my great 1940s wardrobe! 1/11/18.

greenball “Local Bookstore Holds launch Event for Yang’s New Novel  A report on my booklaunch for Letter from a Dead Man at The Booklovers’ Gourmet on 11/18/17.

greenball Out of the Fog Connie Johnson Hambley’s web site has a wonderful blog on Letter from a Dead Man and me as a writer who loves the forties.  Check out the site, not just for info on me, but to find out about her mysteries and other info on writing, writers, publishing, marketing, and the equestrian world.

greenball Read It and Reap:  Harvest the Dates to Meet Authors  A Worcester Telegram Gazette article on local author readings, including yours truly – with nice big picture of Dead Man’s cover.

greenball“Radio and Letter from a Dead Man”  My blog on TouchPoint Press about classic radio of the 1930s-50s and my second Jessica Minton Novel.

greenball Yang Releases Second Novel  A WSU newsletter report on the release of Letter from a Dead Man, Sequel to Bait and Switch.

greenball “Location! Location!  Location!” Here’s my blog at Touchpoint Press on how actual settings inspire my writing.

greenball “Women’s Worcester History Project Panel” Here’s a story in the WSU newsletter about my participation in the Women in Print 2017 Panel.

greenball “Undergraduate Shakespeare Conference” Here’s a story in the WSU newsletter about my student presenting at the 2017 Undergraduate Shakespeare Conference at UMass-Boston. I’m in the picture, too!

greenball “Sharon Yang Interview with David Alan Binder,” David Alan Binder’s Author Interview Site – a transcription of my answers to questions about my interests, experience, and advice as a writer.

greenball “Smart Talking A Conversation with Dr. Sharon Yang,” The New Worcester Spy (Patrick Driscoll) – an interview with me on my novel Bait and Switch as well on my inspirations, my interests, and my advice concerning writing.

greenball “Yang Publishes New Novel Bait and SwitchWSU News (Josh Rizcalla) – an interview and report on Bait and Switch.

greenball Can The X-Files Survive in a post-9/11 WorldNew Statesman (Andrew Harrison) – an article on the 2016 X-files, for which I was an interviewee as an expert on the show.

greenball Smart-Talking Gals and Bait and SwitchA Touchpoint Press blog I did on my heroine Jessica Minton’s place in the long-line of smart-talking gals from forties films, with a special emphasis on the influence of some of Joan Bennett’s roles.

greenball “Hot Off the Press and Ready to Go” The New Worcester Spy (Erin Bassler) – a report on the first reading and signing I did for Bait and Switch in January 2016.

greenball “5 Ways to Make it Work” The New Worcester Spy (Erin Bassler) – Yang and I are such an ideal couple, we were interviewed for our sage advice for Valentine’s Day, 2016.  My mother-in-law made that neat sweater I’m wearing!

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