Dorothy Macardle


Dorothy MacardleThe Uninvited was originally published as Uneasy Freehold. The novel conjures up excellent atmosphere with beautiful descriptions of the Cornish coast; the haunted mansions; and the characters’ hopes, fears, and growing horror. The film has a much lighter touch than this beautifully crafted brooding novel. This is one of my favorite books to read every October to get in the holiday “spirit.” I’ve read another novel by Macardle, The Unforeseen. This work also adeptly builds suspense through hints of what might be, convincing psychological studies of character, and intriguing turns of plot. Its mood is a bit more dreamy than brooding. For her expertise in wielding language and her probing of character, I highly recommend Macardle.  Her novels have influenced my writing style. Here’s a link that reveals  her as an educated  woman with a deep commitment to the civil rights of her fellow Irish.


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