It’s Your Turn! Guest Blogs from Readers and Writers

This is the part of the web site where you get to express your ideas, questions, hopes, values, and thoughts in general about the challenges and excitements of writing, creating, and promoting your work – or to share the fun and thrill of what you’re reading.

I’m asking both readers and writers whom I know – and I’ll eventually go out on a limb and put out a call to some people I don’t know, but who I think will have something interesting to say.  The focus will be mainly on mystery/suspense, romance, fantasy, horror, SciFi, or YA, in keeping with the interests of most of my readers – but that doesn’t mean that I won’t have writers bring in topics or authors that you might not quite expect to fit these areas.  So, do respond here on this site or by sending me an email at  But keep it clean – Natasha will be watching!


If you have ideas for a blog appropriate to this site (250-500 words), contact me at and I can see if your proposal would work.  All final decisions for editing rest with me (and my co-editor), since I’m the one everyone will blame if something looks hinky, content- or grammar-wise!

This month’s feature:

Post #6, February 2, 2019  “Ask Questions; Write a Story” by Carol Chester

Carol Chester is a former student of mine in both the undergraduate and graduate programs at Worcester State University.  I always found her writing sprightly and insightful:  a pleasure to read! In 2014, she enrolled at Worcester State University, where she is currently working toward a master’s degree in English. Since 2015, Carol has been a consultant at the WSU Writing Center, where she specializes in research papers, memoir, personal essays, and news stories. She has graciously accepted my invitation to write us a blog.  Her choice?  One of her many successful fields of endeavor, news writing.  Find out about how to write a successful news story – and have some fun along the way.


Updated 2/04/19
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