Amanda Matetsky

Amanda Matetsky – Living in the 1950s, Paige Turner is a sharp cookie with incisive humor, trying to make it in the publishing biz.  Unfortunately for her, this was an era HowToMarryAMurdererwhen women were supposed to be home baking cookies. Since Turner’s husband was killed in Korea, she’s got no one to bake for, and she’s too talented, independent, and smart to wait around. Matetsky does a good job of showing the prejudices a working woman was up against. Refreshingly, though her heroine gets discouraged at times, the character is quick-witted enough not to let on while she works around the obstacles created by those biases. The mysteries are clever, adeptly playing on issues in entertainment, politics, and art as a basis for Turner’s adventures. Paige also has the support of her beat generation pal, Abby Moscowitz, to push her boldly on, as well as a boyfriend on the police force who, believably, doesn’t want her endangering herself by getting in over her head. The series seems to have ended after five books, alas, with the promise of Paige and Dan Street’s marriage. Maybe something more exciting than usual might happen on a honeymoon in Hawaii? Please, Amanda, give us some more! Click here for a delightful link to the author’s web site on the series.  The series is comprised of: Murderers Prefer Blondes, Murder Is a Girl’s Best Friend, How to Marry a Murderer, Murder on a Hot Tin Roof, and Dial Me for Murder.

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