Remember WENN

RememberWENN3Remember WENN 

No,  this AMC original show from the late 1990s was not strictly speaking a mystery.  It was a playful, witty recreation of life in a small city (Pittsburgh) radio station, c. 1939-42.  Tongue firmly planted in cheek, this show was a delight with puns and ironic characterizations flying faster than Rosalind Russell’s patter with Cary Grant.  An occasional anachronism slips in, but who cares with the gorgeous costuming, the harried pacing of radio production, and a cast who played at the top of their game?  Of course, mystery did enter into the mix, what with Nazi fifth columnists, secret identities galore, character development twisting in surprising directions, and the never-answered question of who would Betty Roberts pick:  Victor or Scott?  The playful homage to Casablanca in “From the Pen of Gertrude Reese” is a witty joy. Series creator Rupert Holmes can also take credit for a clever vintage-style mystery novel, Swing.  Check out this web site for great details on Remember WENN. Sadly, this wonderful show is not on dvd.

Here’s a wonderful recent article on the show that not only has an interview with creator Rupert Holmes but expresses the terrible waste of AMC’s not releasing the show on dvd:  NY Times.

This just in!  I found a YouTube clip that celebrates the 20-year anniversary of Remember WENN.  Check it out and enjoy!

Oh, why don’t we know how that final cliffhanger resolved?!

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