Washington, D.C.


D.C. Area Tea Rooms

Teaism –  Teaism has several branches in the D.C. environs, but it’s no blandly generic chain.  There is a huge menu of black, green, red,  white, and herbal teas that are all gourmet quality.  The tea is served in heavy but lovely colored glazed ceramic pots and the cups are of the handle-less Asian variety – same material.  so, your tea stays nice and hot but not so much it burns your mouth or loses its taste. The last two times I was there (this April), I had a tasty blend with Kemun velvety darkness: Guranse.  Yang enjoyed their fragrant and light Jasmine Pearl and Dragon Well.  The food is wonderful:  hearty and tasty, made of delicious, healthy, and intriguing fresh veggies, and herbs and spices, with fresh chicken or Korean brisket, to name a few meat dishes is that is your choice.  Breakfast was particularly tasty when I had Buckwheat and Hempheart pancakes with orange butter, cranberries & organic pure maple syrup.  It was heavenly.  There are also Bentos and other Asian dishes on the menu.  it’s a pleasant casual place with wonderful tea and food!  There are three locations:  Dupont Circle, Lafayetter Park, and Pen Quarter.

Pie Sisters –  Located at 3423 M Street NW Washington, actually, this place is in Georgetown, just across the bridge on ? Street.  It’s not strictly speaking a tea room, though the Tazo English Breakfast, served in lovely white china cups is pretty good.  It’s the pie that draws you in and keeps you.  Years ago, here I had the best cherry pie, ever, and a cup of coconut black tea.  This time, the tea brand was different, but the pie was still scrumptious!  Yang and I shared a slice of apple pie that that had a filling with tasty blend of sweet and slightly tart that rivaled my mother’s recipe.  I do like my crust better, but this crust was nice:  flaky and not oily or limp.  I was so delighted to find this place still in business since it must have been at least seven years since I’ve been here.  It’s the perfect stop off after you’ve had a relaxing walk along the canal and river down a flight of stone stair across the street – or maybe after the pi, to walk off that pie!



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last updated  5/2/19

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