Kathryn Miller Haines

Kathryn Miller Haines – Rosie Winters is Haines’s protagonist, a smart, brassy gal scrambling to make it as an actress during WWII. Rosie’s adventures are intertwined with all kinds of forties issues like the black market spawned by WinterInJunerationing, a “marriage” agency taking servicemen to the cleaners for their benefits, and a U.S.O. tour in the war-ravaged Pacific Theater. Rosie also ends up torn between the husband she hardly knew, who is lost and found and lost again during the war, and a charming officer she meets while on the outs with her husband. Unfortunately, Haines left off the series before we had more than three adventures, or Rosie picked a guy! Added bonuses: a cranky cat and plots that tip a hat at two Kay Francis movies: Four Jills in a Jeep and Allotment Wives, Inc. The series includes: The War Against Miss Winters, The Winter of Discontent, Winter in June.  Click here for Haines’s Rosie Winter web page. Also check out her new YA ’40s series here.

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Cover image:  cover designe:  Gregg Kulick; cover photograohs:  George Marks/etty Images; background © 2009 Maremagnum/Getty Images

Kay Francis image source unknown. No copyright infringement intended.  Used solely for fan page purposes

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