Margaret Ferguson

Margaret FergusonThe Sign of the Ram is one of my favorite novels from the era. The gorgeous descriptions of the Cornish coast capture its magnificence, creating SignOfTheRama strong sense of place. The characters are intriguing, with the gradual revelation of what lurks beneath their surfaces skillfully worked out. The subplots neatly intertwine with the main conflicts for a read that is richly pleasurable. As in many novels of the era, the prose is enjoyable to read. Descriptions of place and character are full and spot on without being heavy or verbose. Ferguson knows how to wield language. The film version is true to the novel, though much is paired down to fit the 84-minute running time. The casting is pretty solid, though I pictured the doctor as Cary Grant, definitely not Ron Randall. Ah, the limits put on casting by budgets.

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