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 New York Tea Rooms

Queen Elizabeth

Tea and Sympathy – 108 Greenwich Avenue, Manhattan. It’s a hole in the wall, but a cozy one. You might have to wait awhile outside for a table because the room is so tiny, but the wait is worth it! And they serve you fast, so the wait doesn’t seem so bad. If you come early, around 11:30, you may be seated right away. Nice array of teas, homey and warm. The food is comfort food from England. Hefty sandwiches, meat pot-pies, even a Yorkshire pudding dinner! People are friendly, but when you’ve finished, it’s time to make way for the other poor souls outside.

Alice’s Tea Cup – Also in Manhattan. Funky decor, right out of Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole. The tables are even converted sewing machine platforms. Extensive array of all kinds of teas: blacks, greens, reds, herbals. Indian, African, and Chinese, as well. Tea is delicious and brewed loose leaf. Food is excellent. Love their Lapsong Souchong chicken sandwiches. Sandwiches are hearty; scones are big and tasty. In fact, the Afternoon Tea uses these huge sandwiches as well as desserts and scones. I haven’t been able  even to attempt one! People are quirky and fun. A comfortable place. There are three “chapters,” or locations: 102 West 73rd Street; 156 East 64th St; and 220 East 81st Street.

The Whistling Kettle – 138 Jay Street, Schenectady. Yang discovered this tea room for replenishment after our bicycle ride along the Mohawk River.  It’s located  on a lovely street, dedicated pedestrian, of cafes and shops.  The Whistling Kettle is a delight.  Inside, the decor is somewhat moderne, with a healthy array of teas and tea paraphernalia for sale.  We sat outside, with a nifty view of the street and passersby.  The menus for tea and comestibles are extensive.  From their menu of 120 teas, I chose Ancient Forest, a strong but not overwhelming black tea with hints of Keemun.  This tea is no longer available on the menu, but you can buy the loose leaves to take home – as you can the equally delectable cherry/fig. Yang gave the thumbs up to their green Sencha.  The food was delicious!  I had the Farmer’s Crêpe with spinach, bacon, basil pesto, tomato, artichoke heart, and fresh mozzarella.  Filling and yummy.  Yang enjoyed the Monte Cristo Crêpe.  We both elected salads instead of chips as our side, and were not disappointed by the fresh veggies and tasty dressing. The food menu is extensive, with sweet and savory crêpes, sandwiches, salads, soups, and brunch, breakfast, and afternoon teas.  Those teas give you a healthy selection of choices for  the various courses. Maybe on one of our autumn rides, we’ll stop here and indulge ourselves in an afternoon tea!

Harney and Sons – 13 Main Street, Millerton. This tea room is attached to the outlet of Harney and Sons. If you need to wait for a table in the moderne dining room, you can always browse through the large shop room where an extensive array of finely crafted teas are on sale, as well as tea snacks, china, cutlery, and other tea accessories. The tea in the dining room is drawn from an extensive array of teas of various colors and nationalities; the food, though not as hearty as in some other places on the list, is delicious and will hold you if you elect to take your bicycle on the wonderful rail trail that literally starts  across the street from the tea room. Another place from which I stock my tea drawer. I especially enjoy their Keemuns and Darjeelings.

Kathleen’s Sadly, this lovely tearoom burned down.

White Linen Tea House – 6610 Shawnee Road, North Towanda (near Rochester). Elegant but welcoming Victorian house. Rooms are like lovely, friendly parlors. Good selection of teas. The Angel’s Dream Tea is just that! Afternoon Tea is elegant but will fill you. People are warm. Lots of gourmet teas and coffees for sale. Right next to it is an antique store in a refurbished barn. I bought two neat vintage hats there for a decent price. A good place to walk off that lunch!


My Cuppa


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