Favorite Vintage-Style Screen Mysteries/Thrillers

If you pull down the menu for this page above or click on the links below, you will find connections to entries for each of some of my favorite television programs that capture the ambiance of the 1920s-50s mysteries and thrillers.  A few aren’t exactly mystery programs, but they are interesting for recreating the eras in which they were set, with varying degrees of fidelity.  I’ve tried to give you links to web sites devoted to the programs as well as links for buying dvds of those that are available.  Let me know  about programs I should add to the list or if you have any interesting scoops on what I have listed.


Cast a Deadly Spell

Danger UXB

Ellery Queen

Father Brown (Mark Williams)

Foyle’s War

Lady Against the Odds

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Mrs. Bradley’s Mysteries

Nero Wolfe

Radioland Murders

Remember WENN

Wish Me Luck



Use of images on the nested pages is not for commercial purposes but purely as part of a fan page.  No infringement is intended. If  your copyright has been infringed, contact me (syang@worcester.edu) and I will remove the offending material.

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