Teaching and Academics


Check out the pull-down menu on Teaching and Academics above or the links below for loads of  research and educational resources.

greenball MTEL, Certification, and Job Fairs is fairly self-explanatory. This item includes links to resources for preparing for MTEL; the Massachusetts Department of Education’s (D.O.E.) links on the Mint program and registration for MTEL; information on HECCMA’s College Teaching Certification Program; and a link to MERC, a major job recruitment convention for those in the education field.

greenball Teaching and Learning Resources gives you links to various sites on classroom management; lesson plans; a link to the Education service of Actors’ Shakespeare Project (ASP); and OWLs (online writing labs). If you float your cursor over the item’s title, you can click onto two documents on writing mechanics (Common Grammar Problems and Confusing Words).

greenball Museum and Historical Society Resources links to museums and societies with educational and research resources in literature, art, history, and film.

greenball Academic and Literary Resources has links to museums; historical sites; and electronic texts that are useful for undergraduate and graduate research, as well as for developing subject background for teaching.

greenball Conferences, Scholarships, and other Opportunities for Undergrads and Grads has links to conferences, grants, and other programs that will help students and teachers to develop professionally and academically.


4 thoughts on “Teaching and Academics

    1. Thanks, Sue. I know that people can use these sources for field trips or for bringing in speakers or just to learn some neat stuff for themselves. Let me know if you have any suggestions that you think might help people.


    1. I just hope this part of the web site will help people. I’m also open to suggestions of sites or resources that would be useful to teacher and scholars of any level.


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