Favorite Contemporary Vintage-Style Mystery Writers


Here are some of my favorite contemporary mystery writers who set their tales in vintage eras, from the 1900s to the 1950s.  Though the number below is small, I am working on reviews of several more writers, including Sheila York, Rupert Holmes, Diane K, Shah, Susan Elia MacNeal, Kinda Richards, Terence Faherty, George Baxt, and Ron Goulart.  If you have any other suggestions for the list, let me know.  Also, please feel free to weigh in on or ask questions about the authors listed. I’d love to hear from you.  Click on the name below for a mini review.

Rhys Bowen

Max Allen Collins

Julianna Deering

Terence Faherty

Kathryn Miller Haines

Rupert Holmes

In Sunlight or In Shadow

M. T. Jefferson

Dwight Kemper

Lisa Lieberman

Amanda Matetsky

Kate Riordan

Linda Shenton Matchett

Sheila York

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Contemporary Vintage-Style Mystery Writers

    1. I thought you would like M.C. I haven’t read anything else by her, but it might be worth looking into. She knows how to wield her prose. One thing that I like about many of these popular writers of the 1930s-50s is that their essential writing is intelligent and pleasurable to read. There’s nothing amateur about their creation of character, place, or atmosphere. I have to admit that M.C. does one annoying thing, which many writers (even good ones) of the time do: in a moment of stress the heroine will faint. I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone, no matter how stressed out, who fainted unless she had a serious health issue. Whatever happens in my novels, my heroines are like Margaret Hale in North and South. It will take a rock to the head to conk them out!


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