Rhys Bowen

RoyalBloodRhys Bowen: Bowen’s Georgianna Rannock series is one of my favorites. Her main character has a good head on her shoulders and a delightfully wry perspective on being umpteenth in line for succession to the throne of England, yet still not being able to get a job to support herself. Georgianna Rannock is smart, resourceful, and has a good heart, a blend of traits that makes her a delight to follow. You can identify with her, even with that pesky royal heritage. The supporting cast is a nice blend of different sorts, with an appealing romantic lead in Darcy, who seems to be involved in the preWar II secret service. The mysteries are cleverly worked out, the prose is pleasurable to read, and the humor is deft. The series includes:  Her Royal Spyness, A Royal Pain, Royal Flush, Royal Blood, Naughty in Nice, and Queen of Hearts.  Bowen has a web page for the series here.

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Cover art:  John Mattos. © 2011 Berkley Publishing.

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