Blog 16

The C.A. T.   Cat Assistant Teacher

One of my cats, Rosalind, has decided that I work too hard, so, she has elected to join me in returning to the classroom.DSCN2181  She will be my C(at) A(ssistant) T(eacher).  See, she’s already to head out the door.

I think she initially intended this as a surprise, as you can see from her surreptitious insertion of herself into my book bag.DSCN2178

She may also figure that this is a clever way to check up on people who may be cheating during quizzes. DSCN2179She’s good at catching mice and moles, so cheaters are probably in her repertoire as well.

Whatever the case, she will probably be grading some papers for me.  So, if you decide to complain about your grade, remember that she has not been declawed – and her fangs are pretty darn sharp.  have a nice day.DSCN2180





4 thoughts on “C.A.T.

  1. Rosalind is a very straightforward cat. She has a temper, but once she expresses her displeasure it’s over and done with. She holds no grudges. Furthermore, she usually won’t scratch and ask questions later. Usually, you get a hiss, then a claw just touching your skin, and, finally, on the third strike she strikes! Plus, she’s also a sweet cat, a real lap cat. And, when she thinks I’m suffering, she always comes over to nuzzle me.


  2. I wrote a comment and it disappeared! Oh well… I would lose concentration while testing if a cat were walking around the classroom. I still get a bit creeped out by them. the hair on my arms stand up and i feel fear. Unless it happens because i’m in the presence of something I don’t understand. I say…ok then bring the cat!


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