It’s in the Bag!

So, the other night, my husband, one of the cats, and I were in the living room watching TV, when we heard a strange rattling commotion in the kitchen.  I bravely got up to check.  No, I didn’t see either Santa or eight tiny reindeer come early.  In fact, it took me a moment to pin point the noise, which came from some fancy paper bags Bag2 hanging by a hook next to the top of the refrigerator.  A single green eye peered out at me warily.




A call of my friend’s name, and Rosalind poked her head out defiantly, Bag1daring me to challenge her position.





Now, you’ve got to understand, these bags are hanging almost six feet off the floor.  Rosie the Riveter had to have jumped up on the counter on the other side of the refrigerator, climbed over the top of it, then slid into the bags.  Like her namesake, “She CAN do it!”Bag3How she plopped her nine pounds in there without the bags ripping and dropping her plop on the floor is beyond me.  Strong bags, I guess.  Here, I register shock as Yang commemorates the moment on, well, I guess not film – just digitally.


When we lowered her majesty to the floor, she was not amused. DSCN2583 Maybe she should train for Army Special Forces or the Navy Seals?




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