Halloween, Yang style


I just got all the tombstones and a few  haunting creatures up in my front yard.  I still have to add several more supernatural visitors, but the eerie atmosphere is starting to coalesce.  Just to give you an idea of what things will look like, I’ll share with you some images from last year’s outside decorations.

cemetery4 Here’s a vertical shot of the graveyard in the front lawn.  Yang joined in the fun by getting the iron fencing and putting it up for me.  Mr. Bones there seems to be chuckling over something the ghoul in black just told him.  Did they see into the future for this year’s election?

I think this chap iscemetery3 recovering from one of the Halloween parties that I have every year.  Either that or he’s someone I caught plagiarizing.  See any red marks on him?

We also were visited by a few witches, ghouls, and demons, flying joyously on the fall winds.  Some of them are looking right at you,cemetery6 and they seem awfully glad to see you – for what reason, I’m not sure.  it’s probably not good for you!



Back to those pesky skeletons again!  They’re worse than cemetery5ants in the summer – and just as hungry.  Heh, heh, heh!



And lest I forget, Here are some shots of our homemade dancing ghosts!  cemetery8These guys (or gals) usually go up closer to Halloween because if there’s too much rain and wind the ground gets too soft to support them and they become staggering, collapsing ghosts.  As Quentin and Beth say, there’s  nothing worse than cemetery7when your ectoplasm starts to sag!






So, I’ll just close with this nice horizontal shot of the whole front yard, to let you drink in the entire spooky panorama.  Try not to be too scared as you drive up the street.  This year, I have even some new tomb stones!  It may not be Mt. Auburn or Hope Cemetery, but it’s home sweet creepy home to me!  cemetery1

5 thoughts on “Halloween, Yang style

  1. I’m doing well…thank you! I would love to do our yard up like that…but my street, Groton Rd., is also known as Rte 225 off of 2A. It may cause an accident. Its a winding road.
    Friday night I was texting to my daughter that the phone was acting up….i’d go to write a text and there would be letters already on the screen. She says….”and what do you think is causing this”? Ghost popped into my mind…I had glanced over to my computer because I kept seeing something move…..I go to type I dunno for an answer to her text….but it already says ghost…. My mind draws a blank. Then I send
    We will be smudging later today if dad takes Abby out for a while. No joke…this is true.


  2. Oh…I was told “no dialysis will be needed”. I have made it 18 years with just certain meds to keep my tests coming back looking good each time. It wasn’t looking good a few months back….but a med changed did the trick so last test was great. I no longer have to pray about that stuff…just be thankful


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