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Sharon and Yang Swing Out (Dancing, That Is)!


 Two weeks back, Yang and I went to a swing dance that was part of a commemoration of the official end of WWII. To put it in contemporary terms, it was a swell time! They had a WWII-era jeep and vintage cars from the the 1930s and 1940s. There were all kinds of neat memorabilia – and everyone dressed the way I like to, in forties fashions!



Here’s Yang getting ready for a spin in a jeep, a little too well-dressed for a trip to the front, though!



Here I am, getting ready to make a getaway in a Chevy that reminds me of one my Dad had.  This Dance4baby not only had vent windows to keep you cool without messing up your hair, but plenty of room in the front and back seats – and bench seats, too!




The outside dance class – led by a guy in a bright yellow zoot suit.  Dance1Either the camera photographs too slow for those jitter bugs, or, oh no!  It’s a wormhole transporting us from 1940s Eureka into the present!




Indoors was the swing dance, with tunes played by none other than the 21st Century’s gift to swing, Dan Gable and the Abletones Big Band!  Dance7







But first, we had a reading of the final surrender papers – then on to celebrate, shaking our tootsies to a hot jive beat!




Dance11  Look at them swing it on the floor!  More than their feets are a blur!







Dig the sax section swing it!Dance15










Don’t forget the horns!



Yang and Sharon take off to trip the light fantasticDance12









We could also dream and swing to the sweet song stylings of vocalist Elise Roth.




And here we are again because we’re just so cute when we’re dancing!



Then there was the dance contest.  We thought we’d sit that one out.






And my favorite, the WWII officer checking his iPhone. Dance20 Well, it’s not that strange when you consider that Hedy Lamarr was co-creator of the programming that underlies cell phones.

1942 publicity photo for the movie "Tortilla Flat"

Either that, or he managed to come back through the wormhole with some technological gizmos.  Just another day in Eureka.