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Sharon and Yang Improve the Breed

Suffolk Downs was one of the premier race tracks of New England for the twentieth century.  For something like sixty or seventy years, some of the finest thoroughbreds competed there:  War Admiral, Seabiscuit, Stymie, Top Row, Menow, War Relic, Crimson Satan, Riva Ridge, Lost Code, Mom’s Command, Waquiot, and Cigar.  Sadly, it was the last of the New England tracks to close, in 2014.  Happily, though, the track has been re-opened this fall for three racing dates.  My husband and I had the pleasure of going to the track on the second date, October 3.

Here you see me checking out the odds Suffolk1before inspecting the horses.  As an aside, the beret came from my trip to France last spring.





My pick for the first race we watched, the 6th, was this gorgeous dark bay filly, Blessed at Mass.  Suffolk2She looked so much like one of my favorites, Damascus, that I had to put two dollars on her nose.




Unfortunately, she didn’t run like Damascus.  She may have been blessed at mass, but not so much in the race.  Suffolk10Cosmo Storm stormed through to win.





Oh, well . . .  DSCN2287


She looked so good in the post parade!Suffolka

As did her competitors

Suffolk4  Flashy Ross


Campion Lane  Suffolk3




Pistol Smoke



In 8th, I was taken by a beautiful bay mare named Zabeta.  Gorgeous, isn’t she? Suffolk14

As a Renaissance scholar, how could I go wrong playing a horse with the nick name of Queen Elizabeth I?  Here I am; the bet has been placed!Suffolk11






They’re Off!Suffolk13And so was Zabeta.  She came in fourth.


The Last Dance Stakes featured a horse named Victor Lazlo, who had won this stakes race the past two years.

Suffolk15 A consecutive winner and named for Paul Henreid’s character in Casablanca?  How could we miss?

A horse named Im Kwik lived up to his name, that’s how.Suffolk17





I think Victor took off in the opposite direction with Rick.

Ah well, after an exciting day at the track, the Yangs have to replenish their energies with dinner at Caffe Bella Vita in Boston.  DSCN2331The cappuccino was as yummy as the huge chicken salad sandwich, which I couldn’t finish.

But Yang finished it for me AFTER scarfing up his beloved linguini and meatballs. DSCN2332 It’s like being married to a pirahna!