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Book Fair Nevins Library, Methuen

Methuen10Last Saturday, I had the good fortune to be part of the local author book fair at the beautiful Nevins Library in Methuen, MA.  This library is an elegant red brick building with gothic arches and lovely stained glass windows inside.  What good fortune to be able to spend an afternoon reading or doing research in such classic surroundings.  Methuen8







All the authors, about ten of us, Methuen7were set up in the Great Hall, an aptly named chamber with hard wood floors, tall arched windows topped with stained glass, and wood paneled walls. If you look carefully, I’m waaaay in the back right corner, contemplating how best to set up.  The line of chairs in the front of the picture faced a podium where the audience (they really did pack the seats later – honest!) sat while each of us authors gave a little chat about who we were and what we wrote.

As you can see, I was very proud of my little table and brought plenty of books and book marks! Methuen3 I did make some actual sales – and not just to people who were related to me! It was really fun to see people I hadn’t seen in years, since my brother lives in Methuen and his family and my sister-in-law have lots of connections there. Methuen4 I even met a wonderful woman whom I hadn’t seen in years who used to work with my sister-in-law!  Especially fun, at the table next to me was Liz Mugavero, who writes the entertaining Pawsitively Organic mysteries!  I had met her at a reading and signing she did at Annie’s Bookstop, and got a kick out of her novels that revolve around a woman who reinvents herself from  a high powered public relations sort to an organic pastry chef for pets – helping in animal rescue and solving murders along the way.  Highly recommended reading – right after you buy and finish reading Bait and Switch!

Finally,Methuen12 some of my family did show, including my brother.  Here’s a picture with my nephew Geoffrey’s wife Jessica;  daughter Noelle; my brother Leo; me; and the ever present, ever handsome Yang.  Quite the rogue’s gallery, wouldn’t you say? This time Yang and Leo didn’t wear the exact same shirt.  Really!  At my niece Shana’s mother’s day brunch, I realized their shirts were perfect matches!

My thanks to the vivacious Sarah Sullivan who organized this fun and exciting event. Several authors wrote about gritty crime fiction, mostly with a New England setting; some wrote historical mystery and romance; another man talked about his memoir of growing up an African-American trying to find his identity and dignity in a society that denied it; and another man wrote on growing up in the foster care system in Massachusetts.  The profits of this latter book by Jeff Ives and Larry Giordano will be donated to creating a bridge house for kids aging out of the foster system but still too young to be completely on their own.  I’m already planning some summer reading from this experience! Here’s a link to the list of authors who were there.

Bait and Switch: My First Reading at Annie’s Bookstop

Well, after all my announcements and commotion, here, at last, is the report on my reading and signing at Annie’s Bookstop in Worcester.  I HAD A BALL! What a wonderful experience.  So, I will commemorate it in words and pictures for you.



Ah, a long shot of Annie’s as viewed by the author and her entourage – aka her husband.  Hey, he’s one guy but he’s worth a battalion.  We all know that about Yang!
Wait, here’s the heart-stopping moment where I see myself and my work celebrated in an honest-to-goodness advertisement!  I’m a star!  For the day.  Sort of.  That’s good enough for me!



One of my loyal fans, Barbara Werblin greets me with gifts celebrating my great victory in actuallyAnnies3 getting the darned thing published!    We’re buddies from the “Y,” so she’s seen me in my sweats and really knows me!  Barb’s a great friend who has given me tons of encouragement – and she loves the book, too!  As the Mom of a wonderful poet, she understands the writer’s burden.  Sigh!
You can see my pal and colleague MaryLynn just behind me in the shot above. In these two pictures, you can see my friend and former student, Erin Bassler, having a good time while she reports on the event for The New Worcester Spy. (Read the article here!) Annies4Ultimately, we had about 12 or 13 people attend, all told.  I had loads of support from my friends:  students, colleagues, folks I know who enjoyed Bait and Switch and like seeing me be a wise guy.  So take a gander at some of the shots from the reading, question answering, and signing. annies5 Also, note how I got myself all gussied up in my smart-talking, forties gal, film noir look:  white blouse, black skirt, black and white spectator pumps, technicolor red lipstick.  Agent Carter, eat out your heart!


Someone said something shocking!  annies7How about those gorgeous flowers that Barbara got me for the occasion?  And chocolate.  She got me chocolate, too.  A brilliant woman!




Here are some nice shots of other folks coming up with questions, pondering the noir-style mysteries engendered by Annies8James Crawford leaving Jessica Minton that mysterious package in Bait and Switch.
Erin Fragola follows along intently while I ham up my reading in the background.
Everyone gets intense  with Pam McKay concentrating to Annies9express her thoughts on one of the many exciting and intriguing questions people posed to me on the characters, plot, historical background, cinematic style of the novel, and the true identity of Dusty. Both Erin Bassler and I look perplexed.  Must have been a humdinger of a query!  Something to do with Nazis?




While I’m signing books for my loyal fans, Annies11Pam and her friend Gaylene are perusing Bait and Switch to throw more thought-provoking questions my way.


Ah, the end of an exhilarating day!  Here the author poses with her masterpiece.  I could use a nice cuppa about now.Annies12Bait and Switch is the first in the series of Jessica Minton’s adventures in the 1940s.  I’m not telling who else will be along for the ride in subsequent novels.  You’ll have to buy the books to find out!
I’m lucky to have so many friends to support me and to enjoy what I write.  My only regret is that I didn’t get to  include pictures of two people who made this wonderful day possible, but I do extend my heartfelt thanks.  Patty at Annie’s and my husband, who always believes in me – and is lots of fun to be with – yes, I know I dangled a preposition.  So there!


Dusty reduced1Dusty says, “Buy Bait and Switch!  Don’t miss my catly charm!”